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Smash Ultimate Open Tournament


lel as if we’d have opened presents yet


Fair, but I’m bumping it, so people don’t need to scroll down, I already did it.


While I feel like this is kinda stating the obvious, but the tournament won’t be all in one day, due to timezones and stuff, so try to make as much time as possible to get your match in.


Unless my grandmother picked it up (super unlikely) it’s looking like I did not get Switch online

So I guess I’m sitting this out


Did u get Smash Digitally?

Because if you did, you get those gold points on the Nintendo store, and you can use them to get a free month of Nintendo online.


But would I rather spend points on that or save money on whatever game I buy next :thinking:

I’ll see if I can get a free free demo though


The demo lasts a week