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Smash Ultimate Open Tournament


Sorry, I even made him rage kill a couple times

Didn’t mean to

We played on a map that racked up the 60% on jab


No, it counters luigi


excuse me

rip firf 2K18


Just saying that


whoops my bad

rip fir 2K18


Lucario is also awful



Tbh map was bad that we were playing on


Also, imagine if you were agansit Samus or Mewtwo

Don’t do this mate.


Also, I take back the shit I have said on Chrom

He’s disgustingly strong


Who’s the best fighter iyo?


Except his recovery is truly garbage


It is don’t get me wrong

But is neutral and stage control is stupid good


Isabelle tbh

I have had zero 1v1 experience thus far outside of CPUs but the games we were playing with 6-8 players saw Isabelle consistently come out on top (one even survived to 240% to win)

In 1v1s probably like Pikachu or something idk


Honestly, kinda hard to say ATM

Everyone is strong in their own way ATM

Depends what the Meta is


Sword users are pretty strong rn tbh

And pkmn trainer and King k rool


Yes, Falco and Meta Knight aswell


Meta Knight straight up ginps Chrom with his off stage game

Same could be said agansit the other sword users


chrom’s uspecial has a spike


That’s because it’s just Ike’s Up-B