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Smash Ultimate Open Tournament


okay it should automatically unlock if you have a nintendo account linked to your profile


Friend code is 5740 4471 2915


Jigglypuff second best character fight me



Edgeguard too op.


Isabelle op lmao


K rool is really good


I 100%ed world of light


incineroar recovery is shit


Firekitten is offended by that :triumph:


Literally every up B just sends me AWAY from the ledge instead of to it

I gave up my third match and probably won’t touch him again


Marth’s recovery is trash too, not playing him anymore now that I got Ice Climbers and Inkling back in WoL


Marth’s recovery isn’t trash

It’s mediocre


That still means it sucks which it does


I love when you recover incorrectly as Simon


this game has an affair with facing the wrong way while recovering


I’ve definitely noticed that I’m facing the direction I want to be much less often than in Smash 4

Not quite sure why


I’ve made Pug hate incineroar, and in turn FK

Mission accomplished




did you throw them into the water


rip fire 2K18