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Smash Ultimate Open Tournament




I want a match where it cycles through Palutena’s Temple, Warioware Inc, New Pork, TGCO and 75m now.


Thanks I hate it


no problem.

also only WoL fighter I need is Richter now.

imma unlock him tomorrow i gotta get my 3 hours of sleep


outside of WoL.

I got everyone.

I’ll probably also clean up my WoL save for the 100%


I unlocked Wario and Bayonetta today, I’ve unlocked a lot more than that in the last few days, but the list would be too long


Finally found shulk in WoL


Y’all probably already know but just so you’re aware you can redeem your piranha plant code now you don’t have to wait until it’s released


I already did. I also got the fighter pass


I bought the fighter’s pass immediately after the Joker reveal

I was gonna anyways but it seemed like a good time


I’ll buy a GameCube adapter and season pass when I’m back in Canada


I’ma tell my brother that “joker” was announced for smash and not specify which one. He’s a batman fan and has never heard of persona


That’s a good fucking troll right there


lets just hope he hasn’t already seen the trailer


conversation I had with a friend of mine


Quality content


More quality content


How do I do that? I pre-purchased the game and I didn’t get the code


did you buy it via eshop?


Yeah, I did