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Smash Ultimate Open Tournament


you aren’t a miserable little pile of secrets.

sorry ici


attention fellow forum gamers. Icibalus needs YOUR help to stop making shitty versions of this copypasta before Christmas! All he needs is your full technique in wolfreading, your credit card details (naturally) and 500 Dairy Milk chocolate bars. But you’ve gotta be quick, before he embarrases himself in front of his family by doing this instead of an EPIC magic trick he’s practising right now


Mean the expiration date, 3 magical numbers on the back, and the wacky code?


Fuck the Challengers Approach tbh

Be there always or don’t be in the fucking game


It’s super easy to farm though

And it’s useless once you have all 74 (which takes less than 12 hours)


i have 68

the last 6 are hidden behind the Challengers Approach because I lost to them originally

They don’t appear normally because I already lost to them

so i have to wait for the dang doors to show up, which seems to be completely random


Just Battlefield every stage

Boom, every one is viable now


Have to wonder what stages will be viable for tourneys w/o hazards


There are a couple

U can look it up.


Hazards off yoshi island is one I believe




Battlefield and FD are for tryhards

Play an actually fun stage


Great Cave Offensive best stage don’t @ me


If I don’t want to do die, sure

But battlefield every stage is fun


It’s not that hard

Play like two games at 3:00 against a CPU and it should pop up

Either way close and restart the game and play another two


Also, online is shit rn apparently

So, be warned

It’s probs won’t be fixed for a bit


Don’t have Switch online, don’t care

I’m in a college town there are Smash events all weekend despite finals lol


I mean, same

Apparently, no matter the preference, you can still get FFA matches and shit


>Time matches


look do you want the characters or do you wanna keep grousing :stuck_out_tongue: