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Smash Ultimate Open Tournament


Hey y’all

Since smash ultimate has released.

I was thinking of making an open tournament. Anyone can sign up. Just post your timezone.

(just make sure you’ve unlocked your mains)


Pug - AEDT
Blizer - AEDT (as of rn)
Boopy - GMT
Burrito - EST
Squid - CST


3 stock
No items
No stage hazards
8 minutes
no spirits (for y’all who think of cheating



I was planning this since ultimate came out.


when it start


probably 5 days after signups are filled to at least 10 players


(so everyone has time to unlock characters)



im getting ultimate on christmas so


im unlocking my mega boy rn


I’m in Melbourne, idk what that is Australin times

Also /in


you’re same timezone as me.

Victoria and NSW have same.

Queensland doesn’t do daylight saving so they’re 1 hour behind




K cool,

Hope this starts in like a day


Also, I just unlocked cancer


/in GMT


congrats on getting bayonetta


Yep, lul



Pikachu is also cancer


the boi was top in smash 4.

now he got a spike.


i need to wait for the mail and then im immediately gonna unlock everyone


what about the plant and joker mains


I might be biased because I fought my friend as inkling in the e3 demo when it was at comicon AU.

(I cant play inkling for shit)