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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


Yeah, and Mario’s real name is Hotel Mario


@Firekitten even Mercenary removed their hat :eyes:


they are a traitor tho so it doesn’t matter



because I suck I’ve been coming up with an elaborate strategy involving those time-slowing clocks, Inklings Side-B and the power of friendship

and now you tell me that a literal monkey can just waltz in and throw her away?




there are time slowing clocks?


but yeah i just ran up, back throwed the peach of the stage and hit her with the world’s dirtiest DK fAir spike


also i finally got my son link and i’ve cleared like half of the map now, just got Viridi so i can beat fucking Wily


STILL no fire emblem (or final fantasy) children besides marth

how dare they seperate me from my family


i came up with a strategy in the past hour

  1. wait for peach’s AI to derp and fall down a hole
  2. that’s it


You’ll never reach Chrom, he’s hidden somewhere where you’ll never find him >:D


So… I accidently committed suicide in a two stock match and I’m immediately out?! Explain, Nintendo!!!


Feels bad.


The explained this in the direct

SDs bad don’t do em




His Dair spikes, plus highest jump in the game

He’s great off stage


Not even just that, his throw game is so fucking strong


You should main Captain Falco


ikr why hasn’t he been banned already, mods should do something about it