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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


Why are the systems removing the quotes




I feel like the forums are messing up


Nah, its the Forum apocalypse.

Its happening cause Marl took his Christmas hat off


@Marluxion save us and put the Christmas pfp on or we will revolt :frowning:


because christmas is over :eyes:



I don’t see Santa taking off his hat when it’s over as well :eyes:


Also we are nearing Christmas again

we only have 300 something days


Its Boxing Day and Christmas Break

Its still in Boi.


For those who want to add me

My friend code is:

5740 4471 2915


Friends? Are they a type of food you can eat


Damn, I didn’t know Pit was that powerful :thinking:



no the pit as in the bottom of the map

i was dk


Yes, I know, it was a Pit joke -_-




everyone knows pit’s real name is kid icarus


just like link’s real name is zelda


and Donkey Kong’s real name is Donkey Kong 64