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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread




I went the marth path and i regret it

“Surely there’ll be my main close to Marth! Roy is from his series after all!”


Feels bad.


YOOOO Ashley is the best


Final Smash meter is based


I realize were going to have that smash tournament very soon, cause everyone is going to get it tmrw .-.


and it probs wont happen till like this weekend, consdiering everyone has Fam to hang out with over the week.


Me going to stop binge watching Orange is the New black and im going to bed.


Oh, Marl… just wait until Pauline :3


Once I unlock Roy Chrom Cloud or Link nothing will stop me


Marth? :thinking:


Also bet

Bayonetta/ Meta Knight


Marth sucks


Chrom sucks :thinking:



his recovery is bad yes

but he’s good


either every character sucks or I suck


Complains about two top tier characters


Everyone is good

The answer is plain in sight then lul


i suck

actually I’ve had a lot of fun as Inkling, so there’s that
K. Rool feels janky but I keep winning with him so he’s probably busted


Inkling is considered the best character in game, by Zero and others, and I do believe it in someways, cause she just amps Dmg on you

But she does have a skill cap