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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


And yet he’s still beating us.

He made a good trailer in which FIREKITTEN is added to the game and then a Thanos snap happens without anybody really batting an eye.


Unless coupled with a new Switch game announcement, at least

There’s nothing at all to bring to either franchise otherwise


@Firekitten Join the Next Smash tourney you scrub.


If I had free reign over the last 4 i’d probably go for:
Banjo & Kazooie (they deserve a better last hurrah than Nuts & Bolts)


But Marx can’t be in the game as a fighter, he’s a boss (I know that won’t be the case if you had control of the DLC fighters, but still, having two Marxs would be a bit strange)


just rename the fight to Marx Soul

Giga-Bowser and Beast Ganon are bosses too


rip dedede


They have a model for regular Marx and all it does it turn into Marx Soul.

I’m not saying this is “MARX CONFIRMEDDD!!!” but it’d make sense to me if they put him in.



Raiden from MK (Dark Raiden as an Alternate color)

Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear

Ragna from Blazblue

And Heihachi from Tekken.


I’ll be honest my motivation of all of these is at least slightly influenced by amiibo


but like

IIRC in Banjo Kazooie you can switch between the two and they carry the other character on their back, right? That seems like it’d be fun to see


Hmm, so Basically Pokemon Trainer, but with two characters?


fair, but that’s what Brawl Zelda was


I’ve not actually played any of the Banjo Kazooie games though so I may be mistaken.


I am here to revive this thread for an important announcement:


Fuck. Yes.


I cant wait to play him is there an ETA on what time he comes out?


He’s coming out in about right now


9 PM EST tonight


No ETA because we’ll never see it coming.