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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


Honestly, since its a fighting game, stuff like danganronpa characters (For Example) wouldnt be used, so most likely, any action game based character.


probably Marisa because she has a cool hat


But i believe that there will be a Danganronpa fighting game

I believe.


not gonna lie

i still want more Fire Emblem characters
help me


Uhh, Alm

Unless they want to use one of the new characters from the next FE game.

But its all third party so nah.


Phoenix Wright is the fighter we all want in our hearts.






Alm as an Ike echo but with neutral-b replaced with a bow and Celica as a Robin Echo but with
up-b looking like Seraphim

then i’ll shut up and hate fire emblem spam like the rest of us


Also, smash Ultimate has sold over 12 million copies in two months

Jesus christ.


there’s no echos coming


>Ridley is too big for Smash Bros.


Wish we had a work environment like this.


remember friends
we’re all playing Brawl
but Sakurai is playing Melee Kirby and he’s still whooping our asses


But Melee Kirby is shit.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they added fucking Steve, but if they did, I’ll be extremely uncomfortable ;-;


“Default” is the Bravely series’s version of the traditional “defend” or “guard” option - you use your turn only to raise your defenses, not to perform any action.

In Bravely Default, there is an action counter, which starts natively at 0. As long as you do not have negative actions, you can perform an action during your turn. Most actions take one point, and at the end of the turn all fighters regain one point. This means that the standard turn-based system is still effectively there.

However, some actions can take multiple action points (usually in place of having an HP cost like in most turn-based RPGs). This can leave you with less than -1 action points at the end of a turn. Thus, regaining the point at the end of the turn will not bring you back up to zero. If you start a turn with negative action points, you cannot make any move, including Defaulting. Thus, you do not gain the defensive benefits of Defaulting.

However, Defaulting does not cost any action points. As such, you can build up a stockpile of action points, until you have three action points. This allows you to use multiple action points in one turn without dropping below -1, so you can still act next turn in the normal fashion.

Lastly, the “Brave” mechanic is what really makes the combat so interesting. You can Brave up to three times in a turn, adding an extra action to your turn, up to a total of four actions. Each action still costs one action point, and certain moves and abilities may add further action point costs as described above.

As such, you and your foes can default several turns in a row to store up action points, and then unleash them all at once to deal devastating damage in one turn. You can also make risky plays by going deeply negative on action points in exchange for massive damage output right now.

All around, this combat system makes the Bravely series have the most addicting turn-based battling I’ve ever seen. Coupled with the interesting Jobs and subclassing mechanics, I’ve never enjoyed grinding levels as much in any other game, and I highly recommend both games.

They also have amazing soundtracks, especially Bravely Default.


Brings out Brawl Pit
Time to use my annoying moveset >:)


Brings Out Brawl Meta Knight

oH nOeS, iT`s A pIt.


Also highly doubt a niche FF spinoff series like Bravely is getting a Smash fighter