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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


I Mean, Bayo isnt made from a Japanese company i believe




the ones that were created outside of japan e.g diddy kong, are owned by japanese companies


Wait, its Sega, Fuck.


i mean we still have shovel knight as an assist, amirite


also PlatinumGames are Japanese anyway


also Shovel Knight is why I don’t believe we’ll get any other western indie reps

I might have said this before but if there was going to be a western indie fighter it would have been shovel knight imo


B-But Steve From Minecraft was leaked!!


Microsoft own Mojang now so it’s not exactly indie anymore lul


ngl i would never play SMash again if they did that

fortunately we got fucking Joker
so the Smash devs are probably fine


Ici, you going to join the next Smash Tourney?
We need atleast two more people.


sorry friend, I still want to pretend I can actually play Smash and am not a horrible degenerate who just spam’s Ness’ Side-B


apparently according to my friend characters in Bravely Default have 2 modes called Default and Brave

so i’m hedging my bets on “Brave” being one of the characters from that game

he also said “betting it’s like pre-split zelda/sheik” and that would be interesting


isn’t that kinda like a less customisable Shulk?


idk man

also nintendo give me Klonoa


and/or Marx

just rename the Marx boss fight to Marx Soul and give me the clown boi


and the way the Brave/ Default stuff works is that Defaulting gives you extra moves per turn but if you try to Brave (using multiple moves per term) without having Defaulted beforehand you have to Default on the next few turns


bearing in mind I don’t know anything else about Bravely Default


Idk why, but Guilty gear for a dlc character came to my mind.


I also want a touhou rep because the Touhou games are full of absolute bangers