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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


And none of the leaks were even about WoL so


Remember the Grinch leak


Nah, Bayo got nerfed hard

She’s easier to punish and kill


21 years ago… a girl wanted to drag me to titanicI told her the boat sinks at the end

I ruined the movie and didn’t have to see it.




Wow I wasn’t even alive then :stuck_out_tongue:


I like how you blurred spoiler text for a historical event that actually happened


how would leaks ruin the experience
its a game not a movie, it isnt even focused on story
it could leak all characters and you can still find fun just playing it


Not to mention all of the character reveals sans maybe the last were hype as fuck

And even the last one had fucking Pirahna Plant and World of Light as well lmao


i still have no idea what world of light is
but everytime i hear someone talking about it i think they are talking about this boi


Also I’ve changed this thread into the Smash Discussion Thread


Someone tell me how my son Chrom plays


His recovery sucks


Who cares about recovery

If i wanted good recovery i’d play a degenerate character like meta knight :eyes:


how does his combos FEEL


also how good did some of the hyped up characters like inkling and the belmonts turn out to be?


Inkling good

Belmonts good

K Rool good

Isabelle actually OP

so yeah

Granted I can’t say I’ve found a “bad” character yet tbh


King k rool op

Pls nerf the fatty

Thought he’d be like Bowser(slow and trashy with only one or two good combos) but nope


I heard they super buffed little mac by letting him side b and then up b during the same jump


Still sucks at recovery tho