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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread




neck game too strong


Also the puff got buffed.


Also bad end lag on Greninja up b, feels bad orange.





Overall, I think Bowser just became the best big guy in the game




Where is the Dorf love :cry:


I mean, Bowser is just more mobile, plus better recovery

And he just got more DMG and knockback power


Ganondorf has literally the worst horizontal recovery in the game


Piranha Pants


Barring Shield Shulk/Kirby because duh


Nah, Chrom still.

That UP b is still just a vertical mess, plus he suicides with it now lul.


Kirby can jump a lot tho


He’s floaty, which means he can never get back on stage.


No, Chrom has insane air speed

You can test it, Ganondorf has worse horizontal recovery


Shield Kirby doesn’t


I mean, Ganon has always had shit recovery since Melee


why would you ever use shield when Buster and Smash are the only arts that exist


Jump can be good off stage.

Speed has it’s uses