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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


We’ll probably get a direct early feb
It’s been so long since one


Perhaps on the first?

Maybe it’ll have some smash news, “The window in which to receive your free piranha plant code has closes, however the fighter is available from the eshop for $5.99”, some animal crossing news (such as the title), and a nindies showcase “Wargroove released today, go buy it”


Some animal crossing news such as
It releasing immediately and Tom Nook is the newest fighter in smash

What’s more brave than someone paying their mortgage?


okay but for real though


PP is Fun


also if you down b in the air, you fall slower.





Plant boi and R.O.B kinda play the same game tbh,

They use their projectiles as zoning and on-stage edgeguarding

Big difference is Plant has better Aerials, R.O.B has better grab moves.


have you seen plant kirby? now you have, you’re welcome


We have been blessed!


Holy what the


would you rather it be kirby with piranha plant teeth?



Reminds me of this at least


Thats horrifying holy shit.


that is the most unpleasant thing i’ve experienced all week and that includes my dream about cutting off my finger


Also, its worse then Fanfiction, just saying orange.


Well then, you’re welcome :grin:


Not like I made it so sure


i like the neutral B

you just get a spiky ball and yeet it in the vague direction of your opponent


real talk
does the spike ball come out of the plant mouth or kirby’s