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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


They also fucking gutted Chrom


Chrombo doesn’t kill the enemy first anymore


Someone figure out if PPs Dair Spikes
Then get back to me :eyes:


It does.

kind of a small hitbox for the spike though.


How are you supposed to effectively use his down b or side b


Down b seems too predictable and side b can just be walked out of


Side B is good if they are trying to use the ledge or camp.

Down B is for off stage edgeguarding if they are falling back onto the stage.


One of his glaring weaknesses is his grab range

Its shit.


just got a down air spike kill

Feels good.


Feel like once you get used to his neutral special and his down special, hes pretty good at edge guarding, and has some really good kill moves and decent aerials and tilts.

Again, Grab is his biggest weakness, back throw is shit, Down throw can lead into an aerial or tilt probs. Up Throw Is just a straight up Vertical Launch, and Forward Throw is Forward Throw (Aka shit)

8.5/10 imo if you can master

4.5/10 if you cant use his neutrals well.


Feel like we are going to see some pretty nutty shit from him in the future.


Side B does like 50% damage if you can somehow keep them in there for the full duration though

Which may be easier than hitting Ridley’s stupid down b


Also incineroar doesn’t insta-die anymore if he walks off the ledge. Yay!


I parried Ridley’s sweet spot the other day
Instant kill from 0%


As ike


Combos and midair


for those of you who care, Plant’s Classic Mode Route is:

Inkling Horde Battle on Moray Towers
Ridley and Dark Samus on Norfair
Simon and Richter on Dracula’s Castle
Chrom and King K. Rool on Pirate Ship (Free for All)
Isabelle and Daisy on Smashville
Incineroar and Ken on Boxing Ring (Free for All)
Bonus Game
The route is called “New Bloom”

also Plant’s nickname in Boxing Ring is “The Bloom of your Doom” and is unlocked in World of Light by default.



here’s all the winscreens


I’m surprised though, I really expected Plant to come with an announcement, like Joker release date or the identity of “Brave”