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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread




Is he out now?


He is! (If you bought the game early enough though)


Bruh this is nuts


He can reach the ledge from the center of Battlefield




They just buffed bowser to kingdom come.

Bowser Neutral Attack Increased power.
Bowser Side Tilt Attack Increased power.
Bowser Down Smash Attack Extended launch distance.
Bowser Up Special Made it easier to hit multiple times.
Bowser Final Smash & FS Meter Crouching opponents will now be launched the same as standing opponents.


Where are patch notes?



Geez louise, the Plant is badass!


He’s SO FUN omg


Hes Amazing

New Main right here.


hes definitley a high skill ceiling character though


Oh my god, I just spammed A with it for 15 fucking seconds straight and got both of my opponents over 100% in Classic Mode!


It’s funny how he’s actually pretty similar to Simon


I love the Bowser buffs

Better DMG, plus down smash is a great kill option now


Yes let’s give every character k tools recovery
That’ll be great


His recovery got nerfed actually


Funny thing is, they nerfed K rools lul.