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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


dude who gives a fuck about k rool

nerf dedede




He can taunt online




you hold down



i mean, incineroar can do the same tbh.


Yeah but Incineroar has bad recovery

Dedede is basically K Rool with a Hammer


Incineroar “taunts” aren’t BM though they’re just a mechanic


i still have online apparently
feel free to fite if you would liek


god, snake’s classic mode is annoying


y this


No, K Rool is Dedede without a Hammer
Dedede came first


they can both do the suck and cuck so they’re basically the same


except k rool is actually good.

Please buff triple d ;-;


speaking of the suck and cuck yoshi can kill CPUs in classic mode ridiculously easy because you just stand by a ledge and press neutral B and they die

the eat and defeat


I love how little smash bros cares about Waluigi

There’s a spirit of Waluigi riding a motorcycle

You’d think the spirit is “Waluigi (Bike)” or something, yeah?

But no
The spirit is
“Standard Bike”

Waluigi is less relevant than the bike itself :^)






5 of those haven’t been released yet