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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


I dont think pikachu`s puts you in free fall

So confirmed Pikachu is better than pichu


oh hey i just got the sukapon spirit




yeah but i dont want to play as Pikachu, Pikachu is a shit

I want to play as my beautiful little boy


Classic mode fun


i’m doing a run of it with every character

on my 28th right now

only starting at 2.0 but after this I’ll try starting at 5.0 with everyone and perhaps even go for some 9.9s


my brain is bad


Me, thinking as i was playing ness:
“Man why does everyone play Ness and Lucas for the projectile spam. Their aerial game is so much better. They aren’t projectile lords. They are edge lords!”

Someone save me from my cursed brain


Gaur Plain worst stage


Beat my Ganon :


I’ll take on your Ganon


I do fight for my friends after all


oh god the kk slider profile pic

mad respect




our beautiful boys


Roy and Roy





dude what the fuck


Dedede is TOO good
Bayonetta last game levels of good