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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


Have you ever thought “Man it’d be so cool to have you over to visit!”

But when they eventually do come and hang out they are obnoxious and you want them to leave

That’s pretty much sums up Smash Bros relationship with the Belmonts


no i mean fully charged neutral B kills at 0


or at least it does with Roy, it might have been tweaked for Chrom

That’s why it’s the longest charge in the game IIRC


Do you guys think Chrom has a friend named Thurr?


He always chats with him mid match


I dont get it


“Anything can change. Eh, Thurr?”



This is now a Chrom shitposting channel


Until I get tired of changing fate, then I’ll go back to making weed jokes with Roy


No, Marl, this is the temple of Palutena where we pray daily for her guidance


SW-1931-5627-6111 I give all of you permission to be my friend :^)


Using Celebi in the Dharkon/Galeem fight feels like cheating


Ayo 100% WoL on hard, ez clap

is there any point in doing NG+?


unless you wanna use characters that you couldnt get till the end, and leveling spirits up, no


How did you know I use that support spirit?


Vincent let’s Gogh!


amiibo are really good I have 50 and there’s another 10 in various levels of getting-to-my-house-ness and also i’ve preordered the ones that are releasing in february so that makes 63




i’ll end up with 89 because 80 characters and I also have 9 non-smash amiibo