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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


At the start of December I had 9 amiibo

Thanks to smash I now own 28


Hot Damn Jazz.


I must have more


Give in to the amiibo, Jazz! GIVE IN TO THE AMIIBO!!!

I still need the Ice Climbers :^)


By the way, go watch the Newgrounds Smash Bros Collab, all of these clips are hilarious, especially the one from SrPelo which I took this screenshot of and used it as my background


I’d say I already have


28 amiibos and 26 different fighters because I have 3 inklings


Oh wow, you’re on the way to becoming the ultimate amiibo collector, right now, I don’t know how many I have, but I’ve got at least over 50 (I haven’t gotten the newly released Smash ones and the Octos :/)


I have Isabelle early by just buying an animal crossing amiibo : p


I love that any version of the character will work


Daisy, Isabelle and Chrom all already exist in amiibo form and you can just get them without waiting for the smash versions


I’ll probably get the smash versions eventually but I’ve got some non-smash ones and they work for now


just beat galeem



haha get big rekt


No Chrom for you boi :3


When Roy/Chrom can kill at 50, you know they strong


Roy/Chrom can kill at zero though tbf


I mean, yea if they get you off stage

Cough Chrom`s Up Special Cough


Be me, fight the Quick Man spirit
Kill him instantly
Say aloud “That was quick, man.”
Contemplate Ending my own existence for the good of mankind


Btw I got Chrom and Cloud and life is but a dream