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Smash Ultimate Discussion Thread


Was leaked far far before it was actually released and now its not even a interesting game to learn about



Being leaked ruins the whole 70 or something characters

It makes the game unplayable plz fix



There’s a thing called “avoiding spoilers”


how does one avoid a spoiler when its random? it can come at any moment


be honest was this thread made to make people mad :thinking:


You have to be more cautious about that kind of stuff. After all, there’s a chance some leaks are fake and some of them were fake


dont know why people would be mad that im pointing out that a game was overly leaked


If that’s the case, it’s starting to work


i mean if i make people mad over a simple post thats just more popcorn eating for me but thats not the actual goal


Spiderman: far from home was leaked far far before it was revealed that he comes back after avengers infinity war so now its not even an interesting movie to learn about.


Maybe, instead of “learning about” the game

You could, I don’t know, play it?

You know, the thing video games are made for


Anthem was leaked 3 months ago. It’s coming out in 2 months.


Scratch that, I think the first time I saw it was a year ago.

But people are still gonna find it interesting


I mean sure there were leaks and, hell, some of them were even true, but that doesn’t detract from the experience at all.

Also it’s not random just don’t search for “smash ultimate leaks” lmao


Me like smash ultimate

Also, Richter/Simon is godlike

The power of having the longest forward smash and up smash in the game, plus powerful zoning tools


Heard bayonetta is still op, but haven’t tried her myself yet

Is it true?



It’s out

What more is there to learn about lol

Plus none of the DLC stuff got out


Because a game with zero story can’t be ruined by leaks, easy


I mean it has a little story


I mean technically there’s WoL but like that isn’t the crux of the experience