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Smalltowns and Dragons (WIP: Do not join yet)


So at the moment it’s more a concept than anything else, but I have some ideas.

Basically as in normal Smalltown, everyone will know everyone else’s roles but not their alignments. But people are randomly given both a DnD class and a DnD race.

Classes are active abilities, races are passive ones. So essentially everyone gets two abilities.

Here’s what I have (Flavour to follow at some point)


Barbarian – 2x Occupy all visitors to a player
Bard – Makes one player’s actions take priority over everyone else’s
Cleric – Heals a player from attacks/poison
Druid – Jailkeep a player (roleblock & protect)
Fighter – 1x Kill a player (cannot be rolled with Human)
Monk – Watch a player to see who they visit
Paladin – Compare player’s alignment to the last checked (cannot be rolled with Aasimar)
Ranger – 1x Poison a player, killing them the next night
Rogue – 1x hide from all effects
Sorcerer – Choose a player at day to talk to at night
Warlock – Use dead player’s class ability, 1x per player
Wizard – 2x Swap positions of two players


Aasimar – Knows the alignment of each dead player (cannot be rolled with Paladin)
Human – 2 votes instead of 1 (cannot be rolled with Fighter)
Elf – Will receive information if following abilities were used, and who on: Barb, Bard, Druid, Fighter, Wizard
Gnome – Visits are hidden
Dwarf – Poison takes 2 nights to kill
Dragonborn – In a neighbourhood with Kobold
Kobold – In a neighbourhood with Dragonborn
Tiefling – Appears as evil to alignment checks
Half-Orc – Your target will be informed that you used your main ability on them
Tabaxi – Passively know who visited them
Kenku – Requires +1 votes to be lynched
Changeling – Becomes the race of the 1st player that dies

Order of Operations

(Blame Thank Firekitten for this)

Strongwilled Person
Any Other Action

9-2+1 (lost wolf) ratio was my thought but it could change - the player count absolutely has to be 12 though, to accommodate all base classes.

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Oh god, my brain is melted, so I can’t say the exact number, but that is a lot of possible combinations.


Are both public? Classes and race?


Yes, as it’s Smalltown. Only the alignment would be hidden.


I know nothing about DnD, so I can’t give you ideas that fit flavor.

Also I have to sleep now, so cya

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All I’d need are workable passives and I’d be able to fit them to a flavour.


I feel like these are key roles that if they are together can break the game too much? Like if scum, town can’t discern well enough. If town, town can pile protectives and break game open.

Just a first observation, but not really a fix for it or something that you have to fix, just some food for thought.


I realise there’s a unique complication that comes with having two variables per player in a smalltown game. In reality it’s highly unlikely that something like this would ever occur, but yeah, it’s something to keep in mind.


One can be talking to the dead? Sorry, I don’t really have too much time to actually help co-create instead of just reviewing.


How would this work btw?


There is a factional kill and lynch like normal right?

invited Geyde #12



Change this to a tracker


Dwarf one wouldn’t work as I only plan on there being one of each race


There aren’t enough non-redundant passives to make that work


Then that ruins the entire concept


I’m right now stretching it a lot with having both ninja and ascectic


You can have two dwarves that are always neighbors in a setup, or give the neighbor modifier to another race

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Here are some modifiers that might be of use? Just ringed when you said ascetic.