Small Forum Change

The Forums is a great place where I see people having fun, despite the fact I’m an aggro little idiot, but that’s besides the point.

There’s one thing that’s always urked me and I’d like to change. When you quote a post, could it possible start quoting the color and size on it. Like let’s say I quoted this:

The Firebreather

It would appear as this:

And I would like it if it could appear as this as it’d probably be helpful somewhere:


That’d be a good QoL change.
Quotes right now aren’t exactly quotes if they are inaccurate.
I also propose a change for when you quote another player quoting someone to show the original post.
Such as…


^ This should instead show Wazza


That is in fact possible.

It’s just very, very hard and obnoxious and not worth it to do currently.

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Did I post this in the forum matches category by mistake or was it moved?

Or is it meant to be in the forum matches category?

I don’t even know anymore.

You posted it in Forum Matches by mistake I believe. I got notified about it being a new topic.



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it appears like this:

It works when quoting something above or below it


Just press the button when replying to posts

Which buttn

Oh I see

Read the post above it

Apparently only works for first post

Just hit the quote button on the post you are directly replying to

this one