Slang/Terms Reference Guide for New Players

Alchi and I have been working on a quick guide on shorthand words or terms that are commonly used in game. The list is far from complete. If you see anything that is missing, or should be added/changed/corrected please add it in the comments on the document or message me on discord. Feel free to reuse and share with whoever may need/want it.



  • Added a frequency key/sorted by frequency on class card for ease of use
  • Converting it to steam for higher visibility and hopefully help people who don’t know where to look quite yet for help :slight_smile:

I think this document is too memey to be helpful for new players. If a newbie says he was “sniffing” last night I highly doubt any veteran player would realise it refers to the maid’s nosy servants ability; same applies to CW - it’s always “swap” or “tornado” and it’s never “twister” or “switch”. Also the word “inv” is always associated with investigatives and never with invokers, as well as CS always refers to knight’s cold steel and not to noble’s spy. The document in general might be useful, but for some reason it has lots of confusing and misleading “jokes” that are never used in real games, which contradicts with the name of the document. For real, who calls pretender blood test “prick”?


I really appreciate the insight on this. When we started putting this together the goal was to write down anything ever seen for each skill ever, not as much what is considered common names or terms, or order of frequency. I will try to go through and rank them from most common to least common terms over the next few days and see if things look more understandable.

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I added a key and sorted it a bit so it should be easier to understand. Let me know if this looks better or if there’s any information thats missing/should be corrected/changed. :slight_smile: