[Singups] Community Forum Mafia 2 - (31/X)

Community Forum Mafia 2

Hosted by Small_Tank

Reviewed by eevee, Arete

What’s different?

All roles are custom made, and each card is based around one of the many users on this forum! You might even get lucky and roll yourself! The general power level of this is higher than ToL, so don’t be afraid if you see a couple of busted classes.

In addition to this, occasionally I will host a special event.

Keep in mind, this isn’t meant to be a competetive setup - It’s more of meant to be high-powered role madness.

There will be at least 2 factions - Town and Mafia.
No neutrals will have the fool/jester win condition. Unless they are @orangeandblack5 or @Icibalus flavored that is.


Standard Forum Rules Apply
Standard Forum Matches Rules Apply
Days are 48 Hours, Nights are 24 Hours.
Don’t angleshoot ( :eyes: )
Don’t be a salty boi until the game is over, afterwards we can unleash all our salt.
Don’t post in big text

Rolelist :scroll:

… Dammit, Firekitten ran off with my role list! Looks like we’ll have to go without it!

Player List :tangerine:

  1. Vulgard
  2. Marshal
  3. Alice
  4. Hippoyeetus
  5. Geyde
  6. PKR
  7. Ami
  8. DatBird
  9. Techwolves
  10. Napoleon
  11. Nerbins
  12. Frostwolf103
  13. Katze
  14. Clonedcheese
  15. SirDerpsAlot
  16. Italy
  17. Simon
  18. Crichard
  19. Chloe
  20. ModeShifter
  21. An_gorta_pratai
  22. KyoDaz
  23. Insanity
  24. MaximusPrime
  25. Leafia
  26. oB_L1ght
  27. Centuries
  28. Moleland
  29. Solic
  30. Sulit
  31. Apprentice

Spectators :eyes:

  1. Priestess
  2. Jane
  3. Amelia
  4. Astand
  5. Anstreim
  6. Twil1ight
  7. Appel
  8. Livicus
  9. Wazza
  10. Possessed


  1. Zone
  2. TrustworthyLiberal
  3. Mist
  4. N.1

Links :chains:

Dammit fk

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Good, because I’m not nearly good enough to call myself competitive.


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Also dammit Eevee/Arete/Fk

You know why



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hello small tank welcome to the forums

do you know eevee by chance?

you are 4th

I despise mechanics but i’ll play this because it’s more for fun and not competitiveness



Normally I’d join but I don’t think I’ll have time for two games.

Also I think this is going to be too big for my liking.

Is there a planned start time, as I want at least a week off but i love these type of mashes, but if it starts before that I’ll spectate



Lol, I even hit refresh and Orange’s post didn’t load before mine.

/Enter the Gungeon
hi yes i am return




Can I meme this game?


Must unleash my energy

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After my hiatus I probably fucking suck now
But eh
Worth trying