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Silver Arrow Faction


Magister :shield: :crossed_swords:

Silver Arrow special
Corrupted Spirit (Passive) - You gain a use of Head On when either a conversion or attack fails.
Head On (day ability) - Steal a players unlimited ability tonight. You can use it instead. You keep this ability permanently (0 uses)
Join us (night ability) - Convert a player to the Silver Arrow tonight. 1 night cooldown - Infinite uses.
Confrontation (night ability) - Attack a player - Infinite Uses.
Kill all Blue Dragon.

Changeling :shield:

Ghost Survivor Social
Disguise (Passive) - If you die, you will be flipped as the class you’re Changed into.
Cat eyes (day ability) - The next Blue dragon to die will be flipped as a random evil class (1 use)
Change (night ability) - Select a player. If you die, you will be flipped as that player’s class - Infinite uses.
Kill all Blue Dragon.


why didn’t you just use your old class thread

also why is it to kill scorneds


Because I was Copy And pasting and forgot to change goals. Also this is a différents faction, which is why.