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Siege on Xed SFoL 3.0 Main Thread


Can you make it a visible ghost :frowning:


No. Intangible ghosts are the real deal.




hewwo I pwop intwo twhead


I am the Todd Howard of these forums

I promise so much shit that I want to do and never get to doing it. Mostly I rush out shit


K you making my idea then.

You are making a game where there is four seasons. And that each season someone gets a different card that has something to do with that season

For example I may of got the sun as a card with abilites that a sun would have in summer

Then I may get a card that is snow and has abilites snow would do in winter

Someone do this or I riot


Spring Showers
Spring Bloom
Summer Sun
Summer Ocean
Winter Snow
Winter Sky
Fall Leaves
Fall Love


That actually gives me an idea.


another word is Elon Musk

I am a bit of an inventor on these forums who has big claims and never does it.
also coupled with the fact that I’m evil

Flamethrowers are also good weapons

Elon Musk actually fits me

(yes Hank Scorpio too)


You will do it :smiley:


Not exactly. But I do have another idea which your suggestion made me think of.



what is this? something I won’t experience in my lifetime



I want something that gives you different cards and the cards have a theme about what season it is


flame knight
flower knight
snow knight
leaf knight



Basically. 2 Town factions. 2 Mafia factions.

Mafia A and Town A need to kill each other. Town B and Mafia B need to kill each other

Town B does not care about Mafia A or Town A and vice versa
Mafia B does not care about Mafia A or Town A and vice versa


still a bit of an issue tbh



Wouldn’t then when town a gets maj

Mafia B just say hey we are mafia b we will help you find mafia a!




If someone doesn’t do the idea someone better join my game so I can work on this idea while it’s running


bwye evewywun gwoing two sweep nwo owo

(I am hurting myself)