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Siege on Xed SFoL 3.0 Main Thread


you know who else wants to riot?

my mom hahahahhahaha i hate myself


Pug wanna know the quickest way to get this thread unlisted and locked

Ping a mod :wink:


Which player.

No RNG. Make it the Assassin/CL in particular. Or the youngest Unseen/Cult.


how about tell them that I will resurrect all banned users if they do not lock this thread


All of them?



yes every single one of them

As Uncle Necromancer Pug. I can make a full army very easily


Obviously a target player

Fine thats cool too, youngest unseen/cult


I like rng in my games

but revealling MM is an instant fuckery for unseen


Should we ask discobot what he thinks of these Changes?


No die pls


Ill kill u in next xed


Also revealing NK is instant fuckery for the NK


now time for the:

Sailor Moon Rework

(pls no sailor moon class suggestions fuck off okay.)


on top of this I will modkill you in next Xed firekitten


…someone fill this in with a class card


Please add sailor moon or I tell firekitten to riot.


Please add sailor moon sailor moon fanclub

im legit in it


I like riots! :smiley:


Virgin everyone else: Makes their own class cards. Only idiots do that

Chad Pug: Gets others to make his class cards for him because he’s lazy


Too op plz nerf