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Siege on Xed SFoL 3.0 Main Thread


Lemme see what Gunslinger does so I can remake it


Sending new classcard soon


You target a player and it does nothing?

But you commit sucide if they are green kraken :thinking:


nice catch


Does plunder kill you if you target a green kraken?

Target king ez :wink:


Make gunslinger veteran :thinking:


Great idea

Everyone protect me I am prince
Five people have died


The Gunslinger :shield:

Green Kracken Killer

A Pirate’s Life (Passive) - Immune to redirection but not occupation. Every three nights, you will gain a usage of Barrel Explosion
Barrel Explosion (Day) - Prevent the current lynch from occuring. You will kill a target player amidst the chaos. You will lose the passive, A Pirate’s Life if you kill a Green Kracken with this ability. - 0 Uses
Aboard the Mary Jane (Night) - Protect a target player. If a Cult/Unseen tries to visit the target, you will kill them. Does not bypass immunity. If you successfully attack a player (even if immune) you will be bled and die the next night phase. - 3 Uses
Blight of Insanity - Protect a target player. If the Neutral Killer tries to visit the target, the host will reveal who they are at the start of the second next day phase. You will die. Your target will also die if the Neutral Killer is, ???.

Plunder Ability

Cannon’s Away - The youngest Unseen/Cult will be revealed. Target a player. If any any killers or Unseen/Cult visit, they will be killed. Bypasses night immunity.


Its more based as a Knight now ;$


But also not being a knight :wink:


Day vigs make everything nicee


@Pug I want Pirates life & Barrel Explosion


but wasn’t snakekeeper a knight based class?
even tho thematically it’s much more alike to hunter.

I’ll take in the change and tweak it a tiny bit tomorrow. At least maybe when I’m not in such a suicidal mood and not sick


nice vetbait


Game should have full rerolled after the mod error d1 tbh



of course I don’t think of that though


also @Marluxion
full rant list pls or riot

The Council of idiots will be called if you do not post the list some day


Did someone say RIOT?