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Siege on Xed SFoL 3.0 Main Thread


So squire is a invest class now


This is me pointing the flaws of what happens when you get nothing


except you wont know what you did, relying on other info to see what you did


The person you visited died


It seems like a perfect idea the above thing is just a joke lol


yeah but nothing will still show up as the new ability

you only get feedback on a success


well yeah that confirms a killer


so guard is the best


Any idea who’s the right person to give a game idea to if you don’t wanna run it.

I have like three game ideas lol


anyone who is rather undecided on what to host


or just like post the thread and someone might be into the idea


Can I have a 1 shot bulletproof modifier next round? T-T


nolol. just ask for town protective like you usually do


anyway, Gunslinger rework will be coming out now.

Hopefully I can make this shit class somewhat interesting to play.


DIdnt he die to a mod error though?



PKR blame me for being an idiot


This is why my suggestion had occurred. Nice memory litten.

Oh you mean the rework of 3 day vanilla citizen, then neut killer but Green Kraken?


Why though!

We are all idiots in COI!


Not when I’m a rebel.
But don’t get off topic :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice changes have happened so far


you like the deckhand rework?


It was quite good yeah.
Just scrolled up to look at it again


you know what.

Too tired to do gunslinger rework rn.

I’ll be taking suggestions because idk how to make a unique killer class