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Siege on Xed SFoL 3.0 Main Thread



Then make something to do with Davy Jones


well, I’ll keep it in mind if I need a new neutral




maybe even name Reaper’s Plunder Ability Davy Jones’ Locker

you like that namechange


nod head up and down


Shoot any player that visits the target. A gatling gun being revved will be announced to the town but they wont know where or who started revving it.


that just announces that an Engineer is in the game.

also too OP killing all visitors. More of an NK ability


Its not OP, and its basically a town confirm but Pug. Lets be honest, it would discourage the usage of the gatling gun until they are the last town ingame or something


And its basically a hunter bear


ugh, but it’s an offensive class lol
converted from a support class

not a killing


Thats the point


But fine, if anyone visits the target, they will be redirected to a random player. If this random player is an evil, they will recieve inaccurate results if they are investigative. All offensive abilities will fail.





Or maybe they will be redirected to the closest living player’s room based off number. So if the target was 7, they would be redirected to 6 or 8


Okay good

We lowered it to 1/2 chances


First ability that uses the gosh darn number system


btw everyone I had an idea of a squire style class that gains abilities by visiting living players.

They will not know what they get and it will only show up as a success if they did something


You got a convert ability



it depends on the classtype.

they can also choose to reset their current abilities


Special Classes will be a nothing ability