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Siege on Xed SFoL 3.0 Main Thread


Can I be evil next time?


rebalanced Xed will probably be SFoL 25


Don’t use RNG. If you give me a list of player actions I should be able to determine the outcome with 100% success.


rng shall decide


too much work lol


I can’t just write all abilities


For example it could block visitors but only if there is exactly one.


yeah but that makes it useless against converts if another person visits. that’s really weak


Yes but useful against anyone otherwise. And also not RNG.


aight I could do that then


If that’s too UP you can also make it work unless there is more than 2 instead.


anyway. I might rework nearly every plunder in the game


Rework Plunder Organizer

The Plunder Organizer
Organizer’s Effiency (Passive) - Plunders may occur every day for as long as you live. When you die, no more plunders will occur. You may cancel a plunder at any time during the same day as the plunder’s start by telling the host.
Biased Plundering (Day Ability) - Instantly make a player plunder. They will be immune during this time and can not vote. - 1 Use
That thing that everyone hates (Day Ability) - Make the person on plunder unable to be voted. Any further votes will be nulled. - Infinite uses
That thing everyone really hates (Night Ability) - Allow a player to recieve a plunder ability from a different class when they come back from plunder. This plunder ability will be random and their normal plunder ability will not be given. - 3 uses
That thing everyone loves (Night Ability) - Change a seadog’s ways while they are on plunder. They will become a new Green Kracken class while they are on plunder. - 1 uses




No plz


Yes pls


First of all.
The thing that makes this different is the entire plunder mechanic
Which in it’s current form is absolutely garbage.

You’re discouraged to try to get plunders as it takes you out of the game for 2 full days.

Remove the default Plunder mechanic entirely. It stalls time that could be used to pressure votes.

Instead, incorporate the ability into the captain.

The Captain

Special Random
Leader of the Crew (Passive) - There must always be a captain. If you are killed, a new captain must be voted for the following day. If you are executed for treason, all future captains will be unable to use ‘Plunder yer Booty’. (Green Kraken Captain Only.)
My Word is Law (Passive) - Your votes to accuse players passively count as 2.
Plunder yer Booty (Day) - Grant a player treasure. This enables them to use their special plunder ability once. Cannot be used on the same player twice. - Unlimited Uses, 1 Day Cooldown.
Coup de Grace (Day) - Decide the fate of the player currently on the plank. - 1 use.
Keep Watch (Night) - Protect a player, making them immune to attacks tonight. - 3 Uses.

Extra Night Ability depends on their alignment.
Green Kraken Captain:

Into the Brig! (Night) - Prevent all visits to a player. - 2 uses.

Unseen Captain:

Cursed Treasure(Night) - If the targeted player tries to use their plunder ability tonight, they will die and the ability will fail. - 1 Use

Cult Captain:

Blood Rites (Night) - Summon the Shade of Mithras onto the Xed. All cult members will be informed of his presence. After using this ability once, it changes into “Blood Price”.

Blood Price (Night) - Cause the Shade of Mithras to torment a crew member, occupying them tonight. - Unlimited Uses.

This would fix the problem of Plunder unnecessarily slowing down the game and would actually make a meaningful change to the king. This both fits the theme of the captain and would be a healthy change for the game mode.

I’ll make another rant message about everything I think is wrong with all of the classes.


Make the changes for Plunder Organizer pls


@Marluxion Since you changed Plunders, you have to change how Plunder Organizer works or recommend removal and its replacement


Like I said
Later on I’ll make a rant of ideal changes to EVERY SINGLE Class


too bastard