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Siege on Xed SFoL 3.0 Main Thread


@NuclearBurrito enjoy the worst class in the game.

I feel sorry for Marl having to put up with this shit


The First Mate :shield: :crossed_swords:

Green Kraken Offensive
Get Out (Passive) - Cannot be occupied or redirected in any way, shape or form. Including means which usually bypass this.
Leader Characteristics (Passive) - If the Captain dies, you may become the next captain by stating “I shall be the Captain” in the thread
Punishment (Day) - Punish targeted player to scrub the deck. You and them may send eachother two different 1000 character messages, visits to them will be prevented and they will be prevented from doing any actions.
Shark’s Curse (Night) - Force punished player to target a specific player tomorrow night, bypassing redirection immunity. - 3 uses
Shark’s Gift (Night) - Punished player will be allowed to use their abilities tonight. - 1 use
Lie Detector (Plunder) - If the punished player lies about anything in their messages (who they targeted, actions, class, etc.), you will be sent a positive outcome.

Convert Immune
Credit to @Whammerist for Plunder Abil

What classtype should First Mate 2.0 be?

  • Offensive
  • Social
  • Special

0 voters

my vote doesn’t count


that definitely aint social but wouldnt classify it as special


I would say more… offensive?


I’m going to add offensive now.


I forgot shield and swords so I fixed it.


@Pug 3 votes for Offensive lol


Im bored asf so host soon. Im legit making a game with the free time I have and its annoying me


Pug can’t even start until Casino or ROTBD is over


thx Marl.


I’ll be putting up signups for a new forum mafia in like 5 minutes tho


Anyway, what class is next?

btw green kraken’s class color is springgreen if you would like it.

return of the green kraken coming someday

  • Bard/Versifier
  • Cooper/Exploiter
  • Navigator/Onlooker
  • Private Investigator/Information Fraud (PI/IF)
  • Quarter Master/Dictator
  • Scientist/Plagiarist and Skeletons
  • Snakekeeper/Serpent
  • Stealthy
  • Treasure Keeper/Scrooge

0 voters


Ill be removing cabin boy/swabbie

Both are way too gimmicky of classes




New reworks hopefully coming out today


Jokes on youuuuu. Im making it tomorrow because Mental Health > Forum Games



14 days is tomorrow.

Scientist has finally been released.




thy finnish


How bouta another scum faction or nk called Pirates :thinking: