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Shower Thought Thread


for real though, if squids were real i would freak out lmao
it would be lit af but
you know
we would all fucking die probably


You arguing with yourself would be a dumb idea in any case


Well I sure don’t feel real right now. The side effects are being so tired that you can’t do anything but you can’t go to sleep for some reason and always be cold without feeling truly warm because it’s so fecking cold outside


hot chocolate?


I sure hope there’s some. If there isn’t, I’m fucked since the car’s being repaired :^)


What are you talking about?


squid is dissociating from reality due to tiredness i think


About hot chocolate




i mean squid

as in the user, squid
not the species


If squids aren’t real and are considered species why aren’t dragons considered species



Just because someone’s name is “NewfangledUnciorn” doesn’t mean unicorns exist


He is talking about that fairly tale


Link the fairy tale then


i don’t follow your logic.


There is no official version of it


So then tell me it


It’s about a squid who once ate a cat


What’s the rest of the story then


Mom and I were on our way for a hair appointment in weather that was in the negatives and we had to go with ice still on the window. We bumped into some sort of curb or snow drift, we weren’t sure. When we got to our destination, we found the front right tire was shredded. There was a scent of burnt rubber and smoke coming out, so we knew that was a goner. It took a few hours to finally get back home and yet I still feel so tired and unmotivated