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Shower Thought Thread


this thread needs to be more like r/showerthoughts hold on


“this thing that happens in real life is like video game!!!”


“How the FUCK do I get hot wa- I’M BOILLING”


“I think, therefore i am intensifies”


if “I think therefore I am” is intensifying and becoming greater

you could call that

cogito ergo summation


if you change it to “I think, Therefore I am mafia”

would you call it

Cogito Ergo Scum?


d’yall ever wish squids were real


They are tho?


No that would be horrible


what do you mean they are


They are not


okay so what’s the joke I don’t get it




there is no joke? :thinking:

i just wondered what if squids were real lol


I give up


._. k


I wish I was real :^)


You are really fast to give up


You’re not allowed to be real




I figured out long time ago trying to argue with idiots is a dumb idea and will only make you slam your head against the wall

good thing you aren’t idiots right