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Shower Thought Thread


Once there was a time traveler named Bob
And he won the lottery
Turns out
It was all a plan
To catch Bob, the Time Traveler
As lotteries turn out to be, in fact, an organization set to catch time travelers
Like Bob, the Time Traveler
Who was caught by this lottery


A plan set by the homonimous detective


I see what you did here


The crimi nyal


The lovers gamemode in ToS makes you gay


Dracula’s Palace in ToS is a waiting game to see how long it’ll take for the Vampires to win or throw the game


Wait what

What is this game mode I haven’t been on tos for so long


nagito komaeda is just sans with flesh


how did you manage to ruin the second worst thread on the forums
that’s like making hell involve microtransactions




fingers in his ass

that’s all I can say


oh hey its Sunday.

so you know what that means?


It’s Saturday


It’s moonday


I’ll have you know hell canonically has microtransactions

/s but I’d assume they would


Shower thought:
Reality is subjective
Everything we think we know
Is based on something else we think we know
There is no “origin truth”

my showers are depressing


I was talking to someone who considered himself quite the thinker/philosopher
I jokingly told him we were all figments of someone else’s imagination

He took it quite seriously.


The more I take off a hole the bigger it gets


Actually wrong

To take off a hole in the ground you would have to fill it in, deleting the empty space and taking off it


Taking off from a hole, precisely