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Shower Thought Thread


Religious debates from my experience have a tendency to become a hazardous fireball

This can be avoided, but rarely do I see it happen, just because human nature is to want to be right


Well this generally hapoens when one side quote shits unquote on the other side and turns it personal

resists urge to slap ici


Human logic is not logic. We basically come up with half of our explanations backwards because it’s always “just good enough”, which is what makes us such a powerful species. We can trivialise complex concepts which allows our minds to be focused beyond the degree of a perfectly logical being attempting to comprehend the universe.

This is why this thread exists. A shower thought is realistically where we start actually thinking and start realising what a humurous and detailed and yet fundamentally broken world we live in.

fun fact: I’m actually lying in my bed while typing this so this counts as a showerthought


I thought you were answering me but it happened just to be a really lenghty showerpost


For example, isn’t it weird that literally haven’t fucking noticed that we’re currently in an episode of Stark Trek?

I’m exxagerating slightly but not really.


Well I’d infer that you when you have your showers you’re generally thinking about what you are going to do in the future so your brain is focused on something and thus you tend not to make shower thoughts, whereas when you’re in bed you’re thinking of hardly anything so your brain settles on anything, and then you have shower thoughts.


reminds me of the first time I watched black mirror
I was with my family
the computer was getting constant “log-in to apple cloud” giant windows
we were watching the ep where the woman enters in a star trek game
we are in the scene where she opens apple cloud.
5 seconds
the icloud window haven’t changed despiste typing noises and background changing
it’s when my mother perceives
“hey but that’s my account…”
we all die in the black mirror feeling


Ici liked another one of my posts POG


We have voice command controlled computers that can reach a database containing every bit of knowledge that is publicly available, automatically opening doors, and we even have a democratic super-organisation that turns out to be an inefficient bureaucracy!


They’re penetrating the bureaucracy!


not really


nihilism states that life is inherently meaningless but no part of it says “kill yourself”


i believe most nihilists would disagree with the idea of killing yourself



so… what i get from this is…
you should beware of action you make


I’d like to say that a lot of memes and meme culture is built off of nihilism


Sure, but in a nihilism mindset there’s nothing wrong with it


if i don’t take showers can i not have shower thoughts?


i’m sure if you told a nihilist you were going to kill yourself they’d react like most other people


How do most people react

asking for a friend