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Shower Thought Thread


well that doesn’t make sense
i’m pretty sure
thank you for enlightening me o wise one


I’m being slightly unfair but I’m an athiest that gives me a liscence to shit on other peoples’ beliefs if reddit is to be believed


Anyway, shower thought:

if you punch yourself and it hurts a lot is it because you are weak or because you are strong?


Shower thoughts if I eat my arm do I gain weight or lose weight?


I liked to see what Augustine went for the precept of free will, sin and etc but in the rest I basically confirm with you
Religion isn’t exactly able to be proved and as someone without religious alignment I’m fine with that


it isn’t


Yes it is. Go jump off a bridge because your life is meaningless.

Thats nihilism in a nutshell.

Best/Worst Forum Quotes

Unpopular opinion - I don’t think that “only empirical data is reliable” is a good pov (and thus I don’t think pseudoscience is trash)


Ooh, religious debates

Those always end well 100% of the time


I always make up some stupid pseudo-rap song whenever I’m in a mood and showering, I have no idea why and 96% of the time they don’t make sense and are no good, but I just can’t stop myself


cracks knuckles

psuedoscience has never done a jot of good apart from the placebo effect


Actually me and Ici had a pretty calm conversation in the cookie thread somewhere


still doesn’t mean 100% of religious arguments are resolved peacefully


Opinions, eh?


But you’re implying the opposite occurs, that 100% of religious debates end sourly, unless you’re simply being sarcastic that religious debates don’t always end well. I mean you only have to look at history for that.


It was mainly the first part of the sentence that really matters.

tldr; You are already conditioned to see what you expect to see, so even if you could see an atom, it could actually be not an atom and be entirely other thing. This makes empirical data unilateral and unreliable enough not to be an universal truth that must be followed




scientific data in general


Reality so far has turned out to be internally consistent, so I’m willing to take a bet that even if all this is an illusion our data will turn out to be reliable, even if our conclusions will be far from 100% accurate.


Oh I missed the /s and thought you were being serious /s

What I simply misinterpreted was whether by being sarcastic you meant
A. 100% of religious debates end sourly, as opposed to well
B. Less than 100% of religious debates end well
B is a moot point


it doesn’t even need to be an illusion or simulation of sorts kek
it is already one-sided