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Shower Thought Thread


i dont see your point

hjasik, there’s no conspiracy, they just dont exist


no one is trying to say are
except fk apparently


You’re one implying that photo is real in first place so until you prove that it is it is not


Try 24499383839929928388383


try 9393838102938909123


Last time I checked this was the Showerthoughts Thread not the Troll FK Thread


Well now it is


Squids are real, end of story


They are not


You are a squid though, and I’mty sure you’re real.


I am an egg not a squid


actually you’re an h :^)



Technology advance is overestimated, but we already reached a point where it is the only hope.


Its underestimated And not our only hope




worse, what if this is someone else’s hallucination


Golden rule:
One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself

If you are masochist you should cause others pain