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Shower Thought Thread


Shower Thought: I have all my shower thoughts in bed. Does this mean they’re bed thoughts? And is it better or worse that I have more of them due to spending more time in bed than I do in the shower?


Depends. Can you take a shower in your bed?


Depends. Can you sleep at shower?


It’s easier to sleep at bathtubs.


Shower thought: There is only one truth to everything yet many ways to reach it. There are infinite lies for many reasons



I’ve never been at one tho


at pools.


Why would I sleep in a pool bb.


to the legit bed shower experience


It’s better
If you spent more time in the shower i’d be concerned.


also what if i’m really really high right now and this is all just a hallucination


(Bed/Dream thought) What if civilians were placed in a game whose goal is to try to escape, but there are these creatures that can turn the contestants into hybrids that gain a unique power, but the longer they have that power, the more they lose their humanity?


My best ideas for DnD characters come to me in the shower. So far one of those has been enacted to a frightening degree due to the way one of my DMs homebrews character creation.


idk how I had the idea of a “hey kenkus can repeat sounds right SO IF HE’S A BARD HE CAN DO A SOLO BAND WITHOUT EVEN PLAYING ANYTHING” but it was the best idea I had this month


Well currently I have a character waiting in the wings who’s a Centaur Barbarian with base 75 feet of movement and Dash as a bonus action when raging


wth 75ft
UA’s one is 40


There’s a homebrew Centaur on dndbeyond that gives 50ft without wearing armour heavier than hide, or a person
+10 from Barb lvl 5
+10 from Mobile feat
+5 from having an extra pair of legs, which was a mutation caused by so many bad stat rolls (DM doesn’t like anyone having a stat below 10 so if you get 3 failed rolls in a row, you get a 16 plus a mutation)

The tradeoff is I can’t even wear centaur-specific lower body armour, plus I take 2.5x fall damage instead of just 2x


i do not get this at all


You can just nest this forever… Nothing RAW here saying centaurs can’t ride other centaurs, which can be riding other centaurs. Unstoppable centaur tower. It’s centaurs all the way down