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Should Kinslayer be Immediately Available?


Kinslayer seems akin to abilities like Hunter Wolf, Butler Poison, Paladin Smite, etc

I think it should be like the other abilities and not usable until Night 3.

It’s not fun gameplay to get sniped N1 or N2, also it makes you look like an evil King.

I made the same thread when Butler poison was announced and we succesfully got that changed for the same reasons.



No, Pretender is a neutral and can kill BD whenever they want.

The reason those other abilities are until n3 is to stop BD gamethrowing and random killing people.


Delaying availability is not a means to nerf something. It’s to remove actions that just should never be done. Since unlike with BD, a Neut randomly killing is a 100% legit strategy there is no particular reason to change this.


If this is changed then Alchemists yolobombing n1-n2 will have to change. and we can’t have that can we?


It’s more to prevent yolo killing. You shouldn’t balance around gamethrowing.

As for the OP, no. Neutrals shouldn’t have delays since they are neutral. Delays should only exist for BD killing abilities


My opinion is Pretender should be able to attack any player but only kill if they are royal … maybe suicide if they aren’t. Why should i have to wait a night to attack an outed Prince?


To make SURE he’s Prince. Duh


Mostly so you don’t get debauched into the Phys n1 and die.


Kinslayer should just kill regardless of royalty. Royals aren’t the only competition, and Pretender should be more of a threat


King dying N1 isn’t fun gameplay for anybody, I think Pretender is a fun class but I wish there was a better solution.


why though, they are meant to counter royals NOT other people.


You actually give them even more reason to live cause they have a kill which can now be used on bad guys, when previously usually royals were actually BD.


Kinslayer should be to counter competition. Royals aren’t the only ones competing for king.


It can already be used on converted royals. No real difference


read what I say

There are usually more good royals.

Since there is never a starting evil royal you basically increase the chance of killing a bad guy by 2/3 (not counting neutrals And counting immunes cause they would be dead for being immune)


making them more BD sided if they decided to out


True but it will allow them to counter confirmable non-royals like Mystic and Observer. Pretender needs something to discourage them from open claiming anyways. Pretender isn’t meant to be NB.


The counter to those roles are royal blood.

Funny enough if BD had no royals and king died N1.

Assume it’s a cult game and they converted successfully. Imagine there’s 3 neutrals (including you)

You out yourself and say all neutrals/evils vote for me.

Tberes nothing BD can do lol as they would have 12 votes lol.


of course you would be executed

But I just wanted to show you how strong royal blood could be and why it’s a counter


No u