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Short Fuse Mafia Chat


You are the Mafia
Please choose your target here by saying /choose [Town/Mafia/Random]
You may talk here at any time, so long as you are alive

FM: Short Fuse [Explosive Victory] (Game Over: Town Wins)

Damn it

Okay whos my mafia trash


Oh all added to same card


I choose Town


I also choose town


/choose Mafia


Good boy

But you better not get me as a detonator



I think I’ll take a town then? Unless Ici thinks I should change it


Choose village. The strongest wolf should hold a mafia fuse and i don’t feel that you’re strong enough to have one


Alright I’ll choose town detonator then


also i promise to host the U l t i m a t e B a s t a r d F i e s t a if we win this, so let’s go wolf bros.


yeet lets go


Wow that sucks. I didnt even get to read the thread before i got detonated. I totally would have blown up marl too.


rippo bippo


oof should i just detonate wazza now before geyde detonates me


Up to you lol


I never expected u to get to D2


It’s not a bad idea but I would try to frame it as “I’m town so if youre going to kill me let me know first, and we can decide if we want to blow up wazza” etc


That way youre kind of stopping him from unilaterally blowing you up


Baz you are dead please stop posting