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Short Fuse 2 Mafia Chat


9 ig

not 8 like i thought


Turns out I miscounted

Heavy ass breathing


All we need is Hja to vote Solic and I hammerbomb



Pls be online


I was panicking. Apologies.


@H_Hjasik ping geyde when ur on so he can insta bomb before hammer then bomb again tomorrow



We can do this!


I have the best memes for if we win


Rip @BlueStorm

Got gotted


I’m looking for a way to end this today


All I need is one swing vote



I’m just going to do the combo


So the plan is for me to stay up until Boopy wakes up then do the wombo combo before they can stop me


Apologies Hja for wanting that replace out on you.

I’m just super spooked


hj lives in europe i think and is most likely asleep atm


Once Boopy comes on I detonate + hammer Solic + detonate


It’s all good, I just wanted to apologize to them for earlier


Ok I am back

invited Marluxion #79


marl make this public pls