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Short Fuse 2 Mafia Chat


Makes sense.

I think I’ll take a mafia det then


Actually nah


I already hold the mafia det

Plus from last game, people kind of expect me to yolo it anyway


hence my ‘nah’


I will go town then?


Pretty much everyone but Blue goes town here


Do you know What no one would Expect?


what do you mean


The expected play is all town dets


To pick 3 maf dets


the spanish inquisition


I think everyone picked already?


Yeah - bit of an issue team, I won’t be active at the start of the day since I have mates around.



no idea tbh


I’m just gonna take what you’ve already said because intentionally lengthening n0 so the game starts when you want is a really scummy thing to do


these are the picks


My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Anyways, that rando bomb on Blue I don’t think is pushable, alongside Orange or Solic


I think we can push Wazz


And @Margaret at least tell us before you yolo.


This is just sad