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Short Fuse 2 Mafia Chat


You are the Mafia, this role DM will double as your Mafia chat, please choose whether you want a Town, Mafia or Random detonator in this DM.


I like my forum luck


I want a Town detonator


Wondering if I could pull off a surprise maf detonation again to make me appear town

But I guess it only really worked last time cause of positioning


And y’know, the fact that I was town :stuck_out_tongue:


When Rng goddes doesn’t choose rng option


Ok fine

I officially choose random



I’ll pick a town detonator unless you guys want me to hoose differently


I’ll pick Mafia, why not.


I can’t be on for the next hour or so


I’ll have my choice in after that time


@Margaret @MaximusPrime @BlueStorm @H_Hjasik

I’m running an analysis on how we will win this game.

We optimally need at least three misdetonates to win considering we cannot all be on at the same time and that Blue is holding a mafia detonator.

I’d like Celeste to hard choose town and not to leave it up to RNG since that could entirely bork everything, especially since many of the best players on the site are all on town.

And if four of us are holding town detonators, that means that four town will be holding our detonators. It’s incredibly dangerous to force a misdetonate unless we absolutely have to as a result.

That makes four and four that we cannot force to detonate or else we ruin the strat.


We NEED a strong start from every player here in order to win.


My proposed plan:

[Marg] /town
[Hja] /town
[Maxi] /town
[Geyde] /town
[Blue] /mafia


We need to reach parity quickly due to the volume of extremely skilled players here. Taking the game from their grip early will be difficult, but I believe it can be done.

The longer the game goes on, the more screwed we are.

We cannot simply play Under the Radar and expect that to work here. No deepwolfs when town can bust those open easily.


This part of the message is for you in particular.

I need you to be active early in this game. I know AI and the like, but you should not pass up this chance to win against one of the most stacked towns on this forum.



I’m not sure about taking a mafia det here thinking about it now.

The only way I can see town fucking up horribly enough to have three MDs is if someone yolo bombs. I can safely get DatBird to bomb town if he has one of them or get him to not bomb mafia if he has one of our dets.

Personally, I am planning to try to strongarm the weaker town players into bombing TLs, taking a strong start in order to get sheeped.

I don’t want the game to start for a while.

I need to be able to be active on the thread constantly, so ~3:00 or 4:00 PST is when I would like to start.


But then surely Town would expect Mafia to all choose town detonators since that’s the optimal strategy

So when I blow someone up and they’re mafia, it’s more expected I’m town, right?


Solic and I’s plan in Neut Showdown almost didn’t work because Maxi tried to counter it, and that plan was 100% solid

This still relies on 5 people being on at the same time, as well as no town blowing up Mafia


And if something happens to prevent that (which is very easily done) then mafia is essentially outed.


Plus if I choose mafia and nobody else does, in the long run I get myself a town det anyway, and I look better in the eyes of town.