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Sheriff/Paladin Doesn't Work


b-but thats only because I knew who he was the day before I converted him


Sheriff is not a “hard” counter to Unseen, it’s just a counter

A “hard” counter is an overpowered counter

For example, Allies is a hard counter to neutrals


“Hard Counter” has nothing to do with being overpowered.

People are calling them “Hard Counters” as their main job is involved with dealing with certain individuals.
Like there is nothing more basic than ability that literally tells you: “This person is bad guy.” and “This person is not a bad guy.”

Same with Sheriff from Town Of Salem.


Hold it!

Sheriff for a scout is great as if unseen visited him and he claims as a healer class, you may want to hang this if the healer does not have confirmed heals. #NeutralKiller

As a sheriff, you may wish to place on scouts at the outed noble claims in case he could be the next target to convert. If your scout doesn’t give you any leads for 3 days straight, maybe you want to surveillance them could be Mastermind.