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Sheriff/Paladin Doesn't Work


In the nicest way possible I currently believe sheriff/paladin may be the worst class in the game, he offers nothing except “educated guesses” , but most importantly offers no chance for unseen/cult to fight back, how many times have you seen a person found out by a sheriff/paladin pardoned, yes it is a possibility but certainty you don’t see it in many games, as a design concept it doesn’t work check a player every night to see if they are unseen/cult on n1 that is a 1/16 chance of happening, and when it does it isn’t fun, it isn’t unskillful, it’s luck, and for most of the game you do nothing but wait, ns doesn’t help bd in the slightest are they mastermind/neutral/bd who knows? It doesn’t give any info to bd except for that odd chance you find an evil, and for most of the game it is just a reassurance to bd they are evil as others probably had already thought they were scum. Now Paladin a little better in my eyes, smite can be a nice gimmick and can really help bd late game, scout is nearly useless now, since when you find they were visited it was probably by somebody who was converted and just checked them, and now you up a random bd who can’t give any arguments except that they were checked. A bit controversial and I probably didn’t phrase it in the best way, which is normally my case, but I really wanted to get this out there


Stop right there.

NS Brings down the POE suspects a lot.

I’ll continue reading


you aren’t supposed to check people you suspect are scum, you lynch them and check nulls

that’s the main problem but BD will never follow this lol.



Sheriff kinda needs to exist tbh. Unless we can change everyone’s mindset on how they play TOL, no one will ever lynch


but if they were POE suspects, wouldn’t you just lynch them? as you said in your second comment



because that POE is 15 d1 if no one claims


but still that’s a 1/15 chance


As long as that is indeed correct Hard-Counters aren’t really fun to play at least compare to other investigatives.

But the problem is if Developers want to expand and increase the amount of players, they have to make it attractive for all type of players so it is one of the main reasons why Hard-Counters exists in the first place.


You Checking them brings them out of being assassin

after N4 you start closing the MM space as well



That’s a 14/15 chance to clear that fishy knight claim of being an assassin


who would claim knight d1, that would make unseen/cult target/convert them to prevent them from defending king and prince


Okay better idea

14/15 chance of clearing anyone of being assassin


Not to mention there are some educated guesses you can use to clear people as BD that work for population

If a knight claim after the day 3 exe spams "WHO DO I CS WHO DO I CS" That mofo is 99% going to be knight and 70% likely to cs the prince


If you look at it in the grand scheme of the game if there were 3 legit sheriff claims coordinating who they were checking the game could be broken if they were never converted lol


that NS result is worth more then the unseen result tbh


you could deb them, maid them, anything that would involve skill, I’m sorry but there are many ways to check unseen and cult that way.


maid isn’t skill n1

deb isn’t skill N1

no class is skill N1

Sheriff is skilled if played correctly and so is the other classea


Claim framed, look like a fool so court pardons you etc

If the court is pardoning unseen/cult checks and doing nothing I assure you cult and unseen have already won the game.

Firekitten is right, NS lowers the PoE. Now if you want to up people during the day for more info, you don’t need to up that person because they are approx 3x less likely to be scum.

If a sheriff claim has come up NS whilst a sheriff is dead and unseen are still alive and well, you won’t need a surv to tell you they’re MM.

Sheriffs and Paladin do work quite nicely, and the fact that they aren’t unique means you have to always be wary of potential bussing from a sheriff/paladin fakeclaim

In some instances it may be beneficial for you to bus one of your own so you can get a new convert, although this concept applies more to unseen games as when cult reach four players they can control the court and are usually very close to winning.


Take the classic sheriff claim from MM I usually do, when it is past d4 and there is an outed sheriff and me and I haven’t converted him, I always push for the angle that I surveilled said sheriff as mastermind. I know what you’re thinking "Marcus isn’t the court gonna realise after they see he is sheriff that you are MM?

Of course I do, but I’m making a play to ensure unseen have the best possible chance of winning the game, so I will happily push one more mislynch in exchange for my death, rather than get process of eliminationed and BD still have a sheriff.


Or you could just convert him