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SFOL39: Triple Threat 3 - How not to scum (Game over. Blue Dragon and Usurper King Win)


no littens


but littens :frowning:


littens or mercs
if one of them die
the other also does

holds sword
your choice ma’am


but but but littens…why would you kill a poor defenseless litten


Never, ever, give me Noble ever again

Fuck knows what I was doing with it this game


mercs are also poor although not defenseless


exactly, you had a chance to save yourself not the litten


littens can throw fireballs and stuff
mercs can only defend others




We won this game only thanks to me


this new nick omgf


wait why don’t your change your nickname


once an alch always a merc


-3 respect points till you change your nickname (not your username, I mean NICKNAME)


do you mean in-game name?


“Community Guide”

make custom title for yourself

-5 respect points


How do I do this kind of dark fire magic sir :frowning:


I have no clue I’m not a community guide


You can’t. Only mods and judges have the power to change titles.
We (guides and mods) get them for free but everybody else must earn them by being MVP in a marl game


then why can’t merc get one?