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SFOL39: Triple Threat 3 - How not to scum (Game over. Blue Dragon and Usurper King Win)


Wait, did both factions seriously each waste a night trying to kill Marl?


Yup. Cult wasted charges on an ability too


Can i be invited to the cult chat


Geez, no wonder why we only lost a single BD to night kills.


we did not deserve a knight


I feel like this is a jab at someone regarding NFoL2.




Wasn’t my decision lol, also I s2g cult leader is my least favorite role of all time and I actually had no clue what baz was doing

But yeah, I should have tried harder even though I didn’t like the role and that’s my bad

I really did want to scream when Marcus converted Shurian instead of a more influential person or something tho


Bazinga. Not Marcus.


I doubt Baz was reading the thread because like

Any invest claim would have been better than a KNIGHT lol.


Rude… How was I supposed to know that one sponsor would give cult majority?? It was only d3 and I just wanted to confirm myself cause of my partner

If you want to blame someone, blame the balancing team for giving apostle 3 votes -_-


Nah knight is a good convert there


How so with 1 left?
Also if I had CS’d n5 you would lose while not converting me


But you were told to sponsor elsewhere 3 or 4 times


tbf it’s more the cult fault for even being able to get that many votes


No it wasn’t lol. Frost was a better invoker convert lol.


I am actually surprised Bazinga didn’t bleed me, i was outed neut


why erradicate merc reeeeeeeeeee


mercs must die


Because scum were all about the misplays this game